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Holiday Schedule

2016 U.S. and Turkmen Holidays

U.S. Embassy Ashgabat will observe the following United States and Turkmen holidays in calendar year 2016. The embassy will be closed to the public on these days.

1. January 1 Friday US/Turkmen  New Year's Day
2. January 18 Monday US Martin Luther King Day
3.  February 15 Monday US Washington's Birthday
4. February 19 Friday Turkmen Turkmen Flag Day
5.  March 21 Monday  Turkmen National Spring Day
6. May 18 Wednesday  Turkmen Constitution Day of Turkmenistan and
Poetry of Magtymguly Pyragy
7. May 30 Monday US  Memorial Day
8.  July 4 Monday US Independence Day
9. July* - Turkmen Oraza Bayramy
10.  September 5 Monday US Labor Day
11. September* - Turkmen Kurban Bayramy
12. September* Turkmen Kurban Bayramy
13.  October 6 Thursday Turkmen National Commemoration Day
14. October 10 Monday US Columbus Day
15.  October 27 Thursday Turkmen Independence Day of Turkmenistan
16.  October 28 Friday Turkmen Independence Day of Turkmenistan
17. November 11 Friday US Veterans' Day
18.  November 24 Thursday US Thanksgiving Day
19.  December 12 Monday Turkmen Neutrality Day
20. December 26**  Monday US Christmas Day (observed)

*The dates of Kurban Bayramy and Oraza Bayramy are determined by the lunar calendar. Therefore, the exact dates for these holidays cannot be announced with any certainty at this time. When notified, an announcement will be sent out to identify the specific dates.

**American holidays that fall on a Saturday are observed the preceding Friday and American holidays that fall on a Sunday are observed the following Monday.

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