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General Information

Dual Citizens

Turkmenistan does not recognize multiple citizenships for its citizens and enforces its laws by preventing the departure of dual citizens until a renunciation of one of the citizenships is completed

The process for renunciation of Turkmen citizenship is not clear. According to Turkmen law, renunciation can take up to six months to complete. Please note that information obtained at Turkmen diplomatic missions abroad pertaining to dual citizenship and citizenship renunciation may differ from the requirements in place in Turkmenistan. Some dual citizens have reported difficulty in completing renunciation at Turkmenistan's missions abroad.

While the Government of Turkmenistan has no published renunciation procedure, the following documents are usually required. Please note that this list is subject to change and is only based on anecdotal information, not information from the Government of Turkmenistan. For the most current list of required documents and procedures, please contact the State Migration Service of Turkmenistan, Citizenship Office.

  1. A biographic statement, which should contain information about date and place of birth, education and employment background and details about when you left Turkmenistan and any subsequent trips. This document may need to be translated into Turkmen.
  2. Proof of legal income in Turkmenistan.
  3. A reference letter or "spravka" from your last place of residence in Turkmenistan, to be issued by the local authorities, or the hyakimlik.
  4. A reference from the address registration bureau.
  5. 4 recent photographs.
  6. Certified copies of birth certificates of all children, passport of spouse, marriage certificate, divorce decree and/or death certificate (if applicable).
  7. A certified copy of applicant’s passport
  8. A copy of your employment book (trudovaya kniga).
  9. Copies of education documents (attestat).
  10. State duty payment receipt.